Football Stadium Wallpaper Mural – 306VE


Size Variations:

  • 21 x 30cm – £9.99
  • 106 x 70cm – £22.99
  • 152 x 106cm – £30.99
  • 208 x 146cm – £37.99
  • 310 x 219cm – £57.99
  • 415 x 254cm – £73.99


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A fantastic, photorealistic Football Stadium Wallpaper Mural that will make it seem like you’re inside a modern football stadium

Different designs also available.

  • Football Stadium Wallpaper Mural made from Fleece Photo Wallpaper
  • Available in multiple sizes from poster size to full wall.  Choose the size to fit your needs.
  • Super easy installation – non-woven (fleece) paper means no stretching or distortion! …just paste the wall and apply dry!
  • Ultra-high quality, super-fine detail and vivid colours!
  • Clear and Detailed Instructions

With the new non-woven (‘fleece’) paper installation couldn’t be easier!

Step 1: Lay out the panels and prepare the wall

Firstly, lay out all the panels on the floor. Although we check all murals for quality after printing this is a great chance to see if there are any irregularities or issues you aren’t happy with before placing it on your wall. Next, make sure the wall is clean, dry, and dust free.

Step 2: Mark the centre-points on the wall

Using a tape-measure and pencil, mark the middle of the wall (vertical and horizontal). This allows you to make sure the image in your mural is centered.

Step 3: Apply the panels

Mix up your wallpaper paste and paint onto the wall. Your wall must be able to absorb moisture (silk-finish paint is not suitable).

Next, apply the bottom-middle panel to the wall first. You can then use this as a guide and work out left and right and above when applying the other panels! Simply place them on the wall (helpful to have an extra pair of hands at this point) and slide them into place to match up.

Step 4: Smooth out the bubbles

After applying each panel make sure you smooth out the air bubbles using a dry sponge.


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